How to Plan a Baby Shower - Make it Fun and Unique

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A new baby is a great reason to celebrate! Find out how to plan a baby shower, ideas for themes, baby shower food ideas, baby shower favor ideas, decorations, invitations and more for that perfect baby shower. As you should already be aware, being a parent is simultaneously the most difficult and the most rewarding thing you will ever do. Whether you are a new parent or an experienced mother hen, parenthood itself always presents new challenges and revelations. Hopefully the tips presented in this baby shower tips article will be an invaluable source of help on how to plan a baby shower.

It’s true! it could be quite overwhelming when you are organizing a baby shower - generally so much to do with very limited time. Ideally, a baby shower planning is 1-2 months prior to the actual date of celebration. Last minute showers can be overwhelming but can be fun too. Busy with daily routine that you can totally forget about it. Even those last minute showers can be pulled off  easily if you are organized.

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What exactly is a Sip & See? While sill not as common as baby showers, this Southern tradition has become an increasingly popular celebration for new moms in the US. A Sip & See is an intimate gathering or open house, hosted by the new mom, to give family and friends the chance to meet or “see” their new baby. This type of party is also a great alternative to having another baby shower if this is the second or third child. Refreshments are usually light, and it’s fun to have a few drinks on hand for the “sip” part, of course.We’ve put together some guidelines and helpful tips for hosting the perfect ‘Sip & See’ party:

A good time frame is two to three months after the baby is born. This allows time for the new mom to recover from delivery and adjust to caring for her baby. Avoid overwhelming yourself with too many visitors and keep the guest list small, inviting just close friends and/or family. A weekend, mid-day lunch or brunch is ideal for this type of event. Send formal invitations and request RSVPs so you can prepare accordingly! Snail mail invitations are lovely but if you’re looking for a quicker, less expensive option, be sure to check out Paperless Post!

See if you can help out how to plan a baby shower with a very limited budget, specifically the gifts to the guests and the decorations.

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