When to Have a Baby Shower


Timing a baby shower is not always straight forward. Considerations are many and we’ve created this resource to help you take all factors into account. 

"When To Have A Baby Shower
Most people agree that anytime between 24 and 32 weeks (six to eight months) is the best time to throw a baby shower. Your baby shower schedule will likely depend on several factors including invited guests, time of year, and of of course the honoree’s preference for the date and time.

Setting A Date And Time For Your Baby Shower
So when should you throw an upcoming baby shower? It depends. The host of the baby shower has to consider several different things before settling on a final date. These include the due date, seasonal issues, and details as small as hosting the baby shower for brunch or happy hour.


"Most mothers will have at least one baby shower celebrating her first pregnancy and many mothers will have them for their subsequent pregnancies. One of the most common questions is about the best time to have a baby shower.

Typical Timing for Baby Showers
In years past it was common to have a baby shower at the very end of the third trimester. This worked well because most people lived near their families and travel, timing, and other considerations didn't need to be taken into account."


"Here’s how to decide when you should have your baby shower.

The date of your baby shower is a personal decision. Some couples may not want to have the shower until after the baby is born. Others prefer to have it right away.

Take any personal, religious, or cultural traditions into consideration before setting a date. That being said, most showers are held in the last two months of pregnancy.

Why does this timing work out well? For one, you’re out of the riskiest part of your pregnancy in the third trimester. That means your chance of miscarriage is greatly reduced."


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"Wondering when the best time is to have your baby shower? We put this one to our users, and it sounds like earlier is better. Here's what they had to say!

“My shower is planned when I will be 35 weeks along, and I would have preferred it much earlier for planning and shopping purposes. We had to pick the date we chose due to everyone going on vacation for Easter and Spring Break. Convenient for everyone but me!” — Hilarycee"





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