Company Party Ideas


Awesome holiday parties can be very tough to pull off,  like any other event, you need to come up with a project plan that identifies the event details for that special employee holiday party. Theme, time, venue, guest, date, food and beverage selections, etc. It must all be well planned before you begin to execute your event.

"Now, there’s a lot out there that’s different – but what kind of different? The next thing I’m almost always told: we want something engaging. We don’t want to have another passive activity (or no activity); rather, we want to use the annual office fest to get people out of their shells, to interact and talk with one another, get out of the day-to-day working group silos which naturally form at any company, and really get a chance to engage with one another in a fresh and meaningful way."

Art & Performance Space is perfect for a corporate/community event. Book the space, invite your guests, and enjoy your event!