How to Scout a Location - A guide


The shooting location is as important to the pre-production as it is in the final output. Chose your location wisely, it will impact everything from the audio to the screenplay and visual framework of your shoot.

Here are several scout location tips that will ensure the best possible result for your next project.

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How to Become a Location Scout (and Find Better Film Locations)

"If you’re a filmmaker, you’re always hunting for great filming locations. But, as you know, time and resources don’t always allow for the focus you need for this complex task.

There’s hope: with just a little diligence and effort, you can find locations you never dreamed of. You just need to learn how to be a film location scout, or at least think like one."


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How to Location Scout on a Budget with Brian L. Tan

"Anytime I location scout a property we are going to shoot at I always look out for the boobie traps that might hurt the shoot. Finding an dealing with locations can be a nightmare, especially when you have little or no budget.

Today on the show I have locations guru Brian L. Tan. Brian is the founder of, a site built to help filmmakers and property owner find location love. We discuss a bunch of tips and tricks to get locations on the cheap, if not for free and we go over the pitfalls that many filmmakers fall into when shooting on location."



How Rino Pace’s Love For Wide Open Landscapes Led To An Award Winning Career in Film Location Scouting

"Taking helicopters to remote mountaintops, some covered in snow, ice, and glacier lakes, others barren, remote, desolate and hot. Wind blowing in your face, sun beating down, rain, maybe hail. Stitching individual photographs together to create panoramas of landscapes before the panorama was popular. Imagining the ideal set to match the director’s script then hunting far and wide for the perfect location in places never before travelled by film production teams. This was, and is, the ever-evolving and adventurous career of film location manager Rino Pace.

On April 7th 2018, the Locations Managers Guild International (LMGI) awarded Pace the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, Los Angeles. The Awards were founded in 2003, and are vital to acknowledging and appreciating the creative work and imaginative visual artists who are the backbone of the film industry today. Based out of Vancouver BC, Pace has been in the film production industry since its conception in Vancouver around 1986. He was, and is, instrumental to the growth and success of film productions within Vancouver today. In parallel with location managing, Pace is also a photographer and visual artist."




How to Scout a Location for Filmmaking | The Film Look

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