Powerful Life Lessons for Event Planners


Lessons, lessons and more lessons for event planners! We’ve compiled a variety, including those from even planners personally, from a movie and even from the holidays themselves. We hope that these resources will help you handle and enjoy the chaos of event planning. 

50 Life Lessons Event Planners Have Learned Well

"Old timers are full of good advice but event planners have a lot of their own too. Check out these life lessons that event planners have learned way too well.

When it comes to event planners most of us have been educated at the school of hard knocks. We’ve learned over and over through things we never assumed possible. The position of event planner continually makes the list of the most stressful jobs for good reason. Still, if every challenge is an opportunity to learn, event planners have doctorates. Here are the life lessons that most event planners have learned well"

Source: https://www.eventmanagerblog.com/50-life-lessons


8 Lessons Event Planners Can Learn from Home Alone

"We get it. Planning an event can seem like a daunting task. But if 8-year-old Kevin McCallister can plan a smashing success, so can you! Behold, the eight lessons event planners can learn from Home Alone"

Source: http://blog.memberclicks.com/8-lessons-event-planners-can-learn-from-home-alone


Lessons Event Planners Can Learn from the Holidays

"Each year the holiday season is characterized by a mixture of cheer, hope, excitement and stress. It’s a cocktail of emotions that meeting and event planners know all too well, as there are arrangements to be made, deadlines to be met and expectations to be exceeded. One thing is for sure, the holidays are a magical time for human connection that can provide some great insights for putting on exceptional events year-round. Here are 4 lessons event planners can learn from the holidays..."

Source: https://meetingtomorrow.com/blog/4-lessons-event-planners-can-learn-from-the-holidays

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