Office Space, New York - 10 People

Office Space is a premium Business Center located on Park Avenue South, New York, NY. It provides furnished, flexible shared office space in a ‘hotel office’ style environment for creative and professional users. Located in the Flatiron district there are private offices mixed with a membership-based co-working studio providing an energetic working environment for professionals and entrepreneurs. In addition to your private office, our various work zones allow for a fluid working style and client members benefit from the collaborative nature of working among their similarly motivated peers.



  • Private Offices

  • WiFi

  • Telephone/ Work Booths

  • Conference Rooms

  • Individual and Coworking

  • Desks

  • Dedicated Desks

  • Quiet Zones

  • Living Room

  • Library

  • Meeting Pod’s & Huddle Rooms

  • Chat Enclaves

  • Skype Conference Rooms

  • Print & Shipping Services

  • Storage Lockers


New York, New York


200 sq. ft.


$60.00 per hour